The Shuhada, Our Pride
Our Ex-Cadet Shaheed Lieutenant Masood Ur Rehman sacrificed his life in the line of duty in South Waziristan, in September 2004.
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Commandant Message

My Dear Parents,
Cadet College Mastung was conceived as a center of excellence for the deprived and underprivileged youth of Balochistan back in the year 1984. Its objective since the time of inception back in 1987 was to provide quality education to the adolescence of Balochistan and to bring them in to the national mainstream.  The greatest function of any educati


Medical  If any Cadet falls sick he is looked after by a qualified doctor and competent sta


 Admissions to the college are offered only in Class VII, subject to fulfillment of the genera

About Us

 Cadet means the young person who is being trained to become an officer in Armed Forces, ther