Code of Conduct

The institution has a very good name and with immediate effect emphasis would be on the following:-

The conduct, discipline and punctuality.

All existing orders, instructions and SOPs to be followed in their true letter and spirit, till they are duly updated.

English being our medium of instruction, we expect you to converse in English only and inculcate the habit of English speaking.

Key to success in life is honesty, hard work, uprightness and truthfulness.

Take pride in your parents, in your home, in your province and in your motherland-Pakistan.

Always try to be a good human beings, a good Muslim and a good Pakistani.

You are the privileged, chosen and selected ones to be educated in the Cadet College Mastung.

You are bound to come up to the expectations of your worthy parents and the College.

Be always positive in your thoughts and outlook and avoid negativism.

Be happy, contended and cooperative member of the teams as you are the future hope of Balochistan and Pakistan. You are the most important factor in the student, teacher and parents’ triangle. You have to realize the dreams of your parents.

Avoid distractions and concentrate on your studies and other healthy activities.

You are at liberty to join any profession of your choice including politics but Not Repeat Not Before completing the education. Remember the motto “ENTER TO LEARN AND GO FORTH TO SERVE”

Respect your seniors; be courteous to your fellows and considerate to your juniors, without compromising on principles of fair play and justice.

It is GOD given unique opportunity for you to benefit from the resources of the college including the library.

Inculcate the habit of objective study and research with emphasis on understanding the concepts so as to have the full grasp of the subject.

Your wellbeing and welfare is very dear to me, and we will ensure that you will get your due in every sphere, may it be academics, administration, food, sports or Co-Curricular activities etc.

We hope that you will always uphold the good name of your Alma Mater and bring further success and glory to Cadet College Mastung. MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH provide us the strength and wisdom to give our best in a befitting manner with dignity and honor.(Ameen)

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