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The Entry Test for Admission in 7th Class in Cadet College Mastung will be conducted on

  • Date: 28th January 2024
  • Time: 12:00 PM
  • Venue: Expo Center University of Balochistan

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Admission 2024 Advertisement Last Date to Apply: 24th/Dec/2023

Mastang wins All Pakistan Elite Institutions Declamation Contest 2023

The All Pakistan Elite Institutions Declamation Contest 2023 was held at Cadet College Larkana. Numerous Institutions from all over Pakistan Participated in the contest. Cadet Muhammed Asim represented Cadet College Mastung and won the First Position.

Mastangs Outperform in HRCA Math Olympiad

The HRCA Math Olympiad was held in August 2023 in which Cadets from Cadet College Mastung Participated. Cadet Mohammed Ali won the silver Medal and Cadet Abdul Qadoos won the Bronze Medal.

Annual Parents Day 2023

The Annual Parents Day was observed on 7th October 2023. The event was attended by Principal, Teaching Faculty, College Staff, Cadets and Guests. The Event comprised of National Songs, Gymnastics, Marshal Arts, Tent Pigging and Apple Cutting In the Horse Riding show. In the Last the Cadets and Teaching faculty whose performance was outstanding were rewarded.

Inter-House Drill Competition 2023

The year 2023's Inter House Drill Competition was won by Omar House. Cadet Pai Muhammed, the House Captain of Omar House Led his House to victory. Haider House was the runner up in the Competition. Cadet Altaf of Haider House won the best Cadet title in the Drill Competition.

Class First Year Study Tour to BUITMS Quetta

A study tour to Balochistan University of Technology and Management Sciences Quetta, was arranged for the Cadets of First Year Class. The Cadets toured BUITMS in supervision of three Teaching Faculty. The Cadets were shown many departments of the University and they were briefed about the admissions and facilities in BUITMS.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

A Prize Distribution Ceremony was arranged to commend the efforts of hard working Cadets in Various disciplines. Cadets who got top positions in their classes were awarded prizes along with those cadets who topped subjects in their respective classes. The Cadets who were outstanding in various other sporting events were also awarded prizes.

The Teachers were also awarded prizes whose subjects scored highest percentages. These include Mr. Ikramullah, Lecturer Mathematics and Mr. Nasir Mehmood, Lecturer English subject.

Inter-House Spelling Bee Competition 2023

The Inter-House Spelling Bee event comprised of three rounds. In the first two rounds each cadet had to spell out the given word. In the third round, any cadet from a House could spell out the given word only after mutual consultation. The winner of Inter-House Spelling Bee Competition for the year 2023 is Iqbal House. While Haider House remained runner-up. Cadet Jaffar of Iqbal House was given the best cadet award as he scored the highest marks in the competition.

Inter-House Athletics Competition 2023

The 2023 Inter-House Athletics Competition was won by Omar House. The Competition comprised of many events where Omar House won the maximum events.

Matric class Study Tour to BUETK

A study tour to Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Khuzdar was arranged for the Cadets of 10th Class. Three faculty members accompanied the Cadets. The Cadets were appraised with difference departments of the University.

Parent Teacher Meeting

The Parent Teacher Meeting was arranged for the Parents/Guardians whose Son/ward are in class 7th and class 8th. The Parents of the Cadets were appraised of their sons Academic performance, the co-curricular and discipline records.

Inter-House Scrabble Competition 2023

The Scrabble Competition for 2023 is won by Cadet Bilal Ayoub of Iqbal House. The Final of the Competition was played Between Cadet Bilal Ayoub and Cadet Noman Ahmed of Omar House. The Competition was supervised by Faculty member Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed.

Inter-House Bilingual Competition 2023

The 2023 Inter-House Bilingual Competition was won by Haider House. Omar House was runner up. Cadet Asim of Haider House won the first position in the individual positions while Iqbal House's Cadet Sharjeer got second position whereas Cadet Usman of Haider House won the third position.

8th Class Study Tour to GSP Quetta

The Cadets of Class 8th had a study tour to Geological Survey of Pakistan, in supervision of teaching Faculty. The Cadets were shown different artifacts, rocks, stones, fossils etc, that are found is different parts of Balochistan and Pakistan. Overall it was an informative tour where cadets learnt about the hidden treasure of Pakistan.

Inter-House Cricket Competition 2023

The 2023 Inter-House Cricket Competition is won by Haider House. The finalist of the Competition were Haider House and Omar House. Haider House won the Final match of the competition, thus secure the cricket champion title. Cadet Aqeel of Haider House was given the Player of the Competition award.

Inter-House Tennis Competition 2023

The Inter-House Tennis Competition for the year 2023 is won by Omar House. Cadet Hikmatullah of Omar House beat Cadet Osama of Haider House in the final of the competition and won the title for the year 2023.

Inter-House Squash Competition 2023

The Inter-House Squash Competition 2023 was won by Jinnah House. Two Cadets from each House participated in the event. Cadet Shaheryar of Jinnah House won the Final of the Competition.

Inter-House Riding Competition

The winner of Inter House Riding Competition for the year 2023 was Omar House while Iqbal House stood second in the competition. Cadet Muzamil of Iqbal House remained the best cadet in the riding Competition.

Fee Enhancement Notice

NUST Quetta Campus Visit

As part of Cadet College Aim to provide ample opportunities to Cadet to acquire knowledge and information, the College arranges Educational / Study tours for Cadets. For the same purpose a visit to National University of Science and Technology Quetta Campus was arranged for the Cadets of 9th Class. The Cadets were accompanied by two teaching faculty. The Mastangs visited many departments of the University and had fruitful interaction with the faculty and staff of the NUST Quetta Campus.

76th Independence Day

Cadet College Mastung celebrated the 76th Independence Day. The celebrations started with Morning prayers and Flag Hoisting ceremony. This was followed by Milli-Naghma and Speech program, where Cadets sung heartiest National Songs and delivered magnificent Speeches both in Urdu and English Languages; refreshing the events occurred in the path of Independence. This program was followed by a Barha Kanna, where the Principal, Faculty and Cadets took their lunch in the Cadet's Mess.

Inter House Badminton Competition 2023

Two Cadets of all the four Houses participated in the Competition. In the first round Cadets played against their own House-mates, where the winners progressed to second round and losers were knocked out. In the second round, the four Cadets played matches against each other. At the end of second round, Cadet Taimoor of Iqbal House and Cadet Mohim of Jinnah House had the maximum points and thus these two qualified for the final match. In the final match, after a tough contest, Cadet Mohim of Jinnah House came out victorious.

Inter House Quiz Competition 2023

The Competition comprised of four rounds; namely 1) the Pakistan Movement, 2) Geography of Pakistan, 3) Current Affairs and the fourth round contained a mix of questions from the first three rounds. Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed, Lecturer Pakistan Studies prepared and conducted the quiz. At the end of last round, Omar House won the competition, whereas the other three Houses namely, Iqbal, Jinnah and Haider remained second. Cadet Zain of Omar House was given the best Cadet of the Competition award as he answered maximum questions.

Inter House Football Competition 2023

The Competition was played among the four Houses of the College. Cadets of each house tried their best to win the Football Competition. The Final match of the Competition was played between Iqbal House and Haider House. Both the Teams made many attempts to score the goal for their team. Iqbal House score the maiden goal of the match. Cadet Rooh ul Amin of Iqbal House was given the Player of the Competition award for his seven Goals in the Competition. In the end of the final match, the Principal, Cadet College Mastung gave away the prizes to the participating cadets.

Inter House Table Tennis Competition | 2023

The Table Tennis Competition was Comprised of four Houses, two Cadets from each House Participated in the event. In first round the Cadets of same Houses Competed against each other; the winner progressing to the next round. In the second round, each house was represented by one Cadet. So the four Cadets played matches against each other. At the end of second round, Cadet Hasnain of Omar House and Cadet Mohim of Jinnah House had the highest scores and qualified for the Final of the Competition. In the Final match Cadet Hasnain played well and won the match as well as the Competition.

Parent Teacher Meeting | June 2023

The Parent Teacher Meeting was held in June 2023 where the Parents were appraised about their wards performance in Academics and Co curricular Activities.

Inter House Hand Ball Competition 2023

The Four Houses Participated in the Inter House Hand Ball Competition 2023. The Final Match of the competition was played between Iqbal House and Jinnah House. Both the Teams contested well and on full time the score was equal. So, two extra half were given both of 7 minutes where the score was still equal. Finally Iqbal House won in the penalty shots.

Ex Cadet Waqas Presentation

Cadet College Mastung's Ex Cadet Waqas Ahmed, Who has completed BS History presented his research work. He has done his research about Mastung, particularly focusing the Cadet College Mastung. In his presentation, He talked about the History of CCM, its Peak tenure, and the downfall period and reasons. The Cadets and faculty were present on the occasion. The faculty praised his efforts for writing down the story of Cadet College Mastung.

Fee Challan Updated

The Fee Challans have been Updated on 3rd August 2023. The last date for fee submission is 5th-September-2023. After this date Late payment fee will also be applicable. To get your ward's fee challan, CLICK HERE.

Inter-House Chess Competition 2023

The Inter-House Chess Competition 2023 was held in the month of June. Two Cadets from each house participated. In first round, the participants contested with their own House-mate; the winners progressed in the second round. In the second round all the four winners of first round played against each other. The top two Cadets of the second round Qualified for the Final match were Cadet Muzamil of Iqbal House and Cadet Abdul Rehman of Omar House. Cadet Abdul Rehman won the Final match and thus winning the Competition. Mr. Zulfiqal lecturer in Urdu Supervised the whole Competition.

Pride Performers

An event was organized to reward the Pride Performers in Academics. These Pride Performers include both; the teachers and Cadets. The Cadets were awarded in two categories; one for class position holders and second for those cadets who top subjects in their classes. Two Teachers, namely Mr. Naseer Ahmed (Lecturer Islamiat) and Mr. Zohaib Khan (Lecturer English) whose overall percentage was highest, were also rewarded.

Faculty Badminton Competition 2023

Inter House Basketball Competition 2023

Principals of GCCQ and GCCT Visit Cadet College Mastung

Career Counseling

Career Counseling Session 2023

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