Fee Structure

Annual dues are Rs. 50,000/- to be payable into equal installments of Rs. 25,000/- from 1st Jan to 30th Jun and 1st Jul to 31st Dec every year, otherwise fine of Rs. 3000/- will be charged on late submission. This fee amount is utilized for:

  • Messing Charges.
  • Misc Charges (Hostel, Services, Barber and Laundry)
  • Tuition Fee.
  • Electricity Charges.
  • Text Books and Stationary.
  • Transport Charges.
  • Medical Charges.
  • Sports and Hobbies (Games and Clubs).
  • Bedding Charges.
  • Traveling Charges (from Cadet College Mastung to Quetta and Back if the Cadet travels on College bus only).
  • Individual items of games equipment.

2 thoughts on “Fee Structure

  1. Assalam o Allaikum,
    Well as the history shows that CCM was one of the best institute in Balochistan in 90’s. But slowly lost that fame & now no one desire to send there children to CCM. Now my wish is that CCM again retain the same status as it was in late 90’s. So please work hard for this & try to give one of best institute for our youth.

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