Besides Cricket, Cadet College Mastung has well maintained grounds for football, a total of three. Football is very famous among locals and both Cadets and Staff regularly play it on daily basis. Each year, a competition is arranged amongst the four houses. This competition is awaited from the beginning of the year and the houses compete with each other with intensity that can not be witnessed at local level. We also arrange football matches with other institution like BRC-Khuzdar, Cadet College Pishin and many more.

Inter House Football Competition 2024

The final of 2024 Inter House Football Competition was played between Iqbal House and Haider House. Iqbal House scored in the initial moments of the match that earn them the victory. Haider House played aggressively to level the score but luck did not favor them. Cadet Basharat of Iqbal House 9th class (36th Entry) was awarded the Player of Competition prize for being the highest scorer.

Inter House Football Competition 2023

The Competition was played among the four Houses of the College. Cadets of each house tried their best to win the Football Competition. The Final match of the Competition was played between Iqbal House and Haider House. Both the Teams made many attempts to score the goal for their team. Iqbal House score the maiden goal of the match. Cadet Rooh ul Amin of Iqbal House was given the Player of the Competition award for his seven Goals in the Competition. At the end of the final match, the Principal, Cadet College Mastung gave away the prizes to the participating cadets.

CCM Cricket and Football Teams Tour to BRC Khuzdar

On 29/9/2022, the Cricket and Football Teams of the College visited BRC Khuzdar. The Cadets were accompanied by two teaching faculty and 5 supporting staff. Our Cricket and Football Teams played 2 and 3 games respectively and Competed BRC Khuzdar and BRC Loralai teams. The Cadets were also taken to a local picnic spot “Ballonk”, where they enjoyed their time and had lunch as well. The Tour lasted for six days and Cadets returned to the college on 4/10/2022.

MUSTANGS won Cricket and Football Matches

Helper School Quetta played Cricket and Football Matches with Mustangs on 17th June 2022. The host won the cricket match after a tough contest. In the allotted 18 overs, the hosts scored 198/3 while the visiting team scored 186 and got all out in the last over. In the Football match, CCM beat the visiting team by 2-0.

Football Matches 2021

Cadet College Mastung Football Team recently played five football matches with local football teams, winning 3 of them. The first match was against Mastung Football Club, where they scored 3 goals and CCM team scored 2 goals. The second match was played against Quetta Junior Football Club, where CCM team scored 6 goals and conceded 3 goals. The next match was against Mastung Football Club, where the final score was 3/1 in favor of CCM. The fourth match was played against Amach Football club, which they won by 2 goals. The last match was played against Helper High School Quetta, where CCM team scored 2 and conceded 1 goal and won the match.

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