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  1. Hello I’m hamayun Khan ex cadet from 15th entry Iqbal wing. I am pleased to know that cadet college mastung has an official website. I would only like to request to know if there is any record available about all the past entries and students on the website including photos and videos . Also , I would like to know about the once filmed documentary about the cadet college mastung daily routine that was filmed and created years back. I have been searching for that filmed documentary everywhere on the internet but I am not successful. Please find out that documentary and post that on here . I would be grateful for your kind effort.


    1. Hi, Dear Hamayun Khan, its nice to hear from you. Regretfully, we do not have vidoes and photos of earlier entries. Please give me more specifics about the filmed documentary like which year or in which Principal’s tenure it was produced. I will surely search for that documentary.


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