Commandant Message

Dear Parents,  


 I most sincerely pray and hope this message of mine finds you in best of everything. Cadet College Mastung, the premier seat of learning and unsurpassable in rich traditions, has produced and is producing giants of men, who are brining fame to their Alma Mater the world over. We genuinely pride ourselves to be a noteworthy tributary to the main stream of the nation, in that the sons of Cadet College Mastung are playing a major role in all departments of National importance.

  In order to groom the Cadets, the role of Cadet College Mastung is unique and important, Unique: because it imparts quality education in a conducive environment with emphasis on character building, so as to produce future leadership in all fields of national life and it is important: because it produces the leaders of tomorrow, who would be physically fit, mentally alert, morally upright and imbued with national spirit to serve the motherland devotedly and selflessly.

 No doubt, the Cadet studying here, looks upon Cadet College Mastung as a home, where teachers affectionately supervise, guide and teach them as their parents do at their homes. We at Cadet College Mastung define discipline, which is reflected in the dictum of the father of the nation. “He who has learnt to obey today. Will know how to command tomorrow”.

  At last I would like you to join me in my prayers: May the Almighty ALLAH grant us the strength to encounter any alarming event with courage and success, which may henceforth befall: that we may be brave in peril, steadfast in tribulation and triumphant in our united efforts for a safe, best and a prosperous educational institution. (AMEEN)


Cadet College Mastung

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