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My Dear Parents,


Cadet College Mastung was conceived as a center of excellence for the deprived and underprivileged youth of Balochistan back in the year 1984. Its objective since the time of inception back in 1987 was to provide quality education to the adolescence of Balochistan and to bring them in to the national mainstream.

 The greatest function of any educational institution is to enable the youth to independently undertake responsibilities of the future in the process of learning and grooming the congenital talents in the best possible comportment. It exercises essential influence on the minds and spirits of its alumni in a systematic manner designed to oversee their balanced growth in all spheres of personality along with equipping them with a sense of purpose. As a feeder institution to the armed and civil services of Pakistan, our aim is to train the minds and bodies of our young men in a way, for which they can be trusted as the future custodians of liberty, security and prosperity of this beloved homeland Pakistan. This is an overwhelming task that demands probing into the hidden recesses of their minds and bringing to light all of their talents and abilities. This process of exploration eventually leads to the self-actualization of their personality.

 Although it was an up hill and exigent task to achieve the desired targets within first few years, but with the blessing of Almighty Allah and assiduous efforts of the Principals and Staff of this prestigious institution, Cadet College Mastung has established itself as the leading Institution of the province and also stands at parity with any other reputed institution of the country. Today I am very proud to mention here that regardless of the hard ships we are once again standing tall and moving towards our destiny.

Alive to its purpose, Cadet College Mastung claims that it has taken once again the right strides in the desired direction, which has started to yield results and we as the mentors of the new generation are committed to steer them towards a prosperous future. Our trained Cadets are our successors and our proud assets, which is the fruit of our labor and the pride of the land of Balochistan.

All praise to Allah Almighty, who has bestowed us with the right alleyway to transform the new generation with the help of our faculty, whose untiring efforts have started the new epoch.

We are proud to mention that our Mastangs are winning laurels all over the world and they have brought a good name to the institution and the province of Balochsitan. May this success narrative unfold many, a chapter in the years to come and Cadet College Mastung continues to play its leading role among the Cadet Colleges of Balochistan for the enlightenment and empowerment of the youth of Balochistan through education and character building. (Ameen)



8 thoughts on “Commandant Message

  1. Establishment of CCM website is really an appreciable step. It will keep us aware about of all activities ant events of CCM

  2. So glad to see here; the institution has grown a lot since the day I left CCM back in 2005.
    Thumbs up for the management and the staff for their true efforts.

  3. Such an amazing platform for the parents of cadets and cadets themselves to enjoy this online facility , which is provided by management. Most easy way to see the different activities, taking place inside college.

  4. The new principal has brought a revolutionary change inside CCM , it is again started to fulfill the requirements of improvement to gain its lost prestige inorder to again emerge as a prestigious institution in all over province Thank you sir You have made the Mastangs proud of themselves and I am one of them .

  5. Great to see that my beloved and respectful place is getting in good hands. I feel pride in being a mustang, and this institution, teachers & staff has given me a lot where i stand today, I “Thank you” all and all the best for future. Good old days. 6th Entry Omar Wing

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