Prize Distribution Among Position Holders in Internal and BISE-Quetta Exams

On 17th of August 2021, a prize distribution ceremony was held to give away the prizes to the cadets who got positions in the exams. It is also important to mention that Cadet College Mastung Conduct fortnightly tests of all the classes (7th to 2nd year), in addition to the Mid-term and Final-Term Exams. The Cadets who are to appear in the Board exam have to pass the College’s Send-up exam as well. In all these tests and exams, a strict monitoring mechanism is employed which discourage the cadets to use unfair means. Zero tolerance policy on cheating is implemented.

The Cadets who acquire positions in exams are being rewarded in the same manner. The details of the prize distribution ceremony are as follows:-

Following is the pictorial story of the prize distribution event