Independence Day Celebrations

We celebrated the 74th Independence Day of our beloved country Pakistan, on 14th August 2021. Cadet College Mastung also observed the day with zeal, enthusiasm and National fervor. The Cadets delivered speeches highlighting the struggle and hard work of the Muslim leaders and masses for the establishment of a separate home land for Muslim. The speakers also emphasized on the importance of Independence.

The speeches were followed by a documentary titled as “The Story of Pakistan”. The events that occurred in the pre-independence time (1857-1947) were very well documented and the knowledge of the audience was refreshed.

Commandant Cadet College Mastung also addressed the faculty and cadets, where he urged the audience to value the Independence and work for the betterment, prosperity and progress of this country and be thankful to Allah for being blessed with independence. He also advised the audience to be truthful and honest in social and professional lives. At the end, the commandant handed souvenirs to the Cadets who participated in the event.