Post Admission Requirements

List of the following items to be managed by the parents from the uniform dealers at the time of admission.

1. Khaki Shirts. 04-Nos.

2. Khaki Pant. 04-Nos.

3. Beret with Badge (Maroon) 01-No.

4. Epaulets (Wing Colour). 01-Pair.

5. Scarf (College Crest) 01-N

6. Name Plate. 02-Nos.

7. Belt (Nylon) Khaki. 01-No

8. Shoulder Badge 01-No

09. Blazer with badge (Maroon) 01-No

10. Army Jersey 01-No

11. Lanyard (Wing Colour) 01-No

12. Oxford Shoes Ankle (DMS Pattern) 01-Pair

13. CCM (Metallic) 01-Pair

14. Plum 01-No

15. T. Shirt (wing Colour) 01-No

16. Belt Walking out. 01-No.

17. College Necktie. 01-No.

18. Socks (Woolen) 03-Pairs

19. Socks (Cotton) 03-Pairs

20. White Tie-Collar Shirts (Full Sleeves) 03.-Nos

21. Grey Trousers (Tropical) 02-Nos

22. White Vest (Half Sleeves) 02-Nos

23. White Vest (Sleeveless) 03-Nos

24. White Socks 03-Pairs

25. Black socks. 03-Pairs.

26 White Shalwar-Kameez 02-Suits.

27. White Handkerchief. 06-Nos.

28. White Underwear. 03-Nos.

29. Black Oxford Shoes (Service/Bata). 01-Pair.

30. White P.T Shoes/Joggers. 01-Pair.

31. Cap (white for Nammaz). 01-No.

32. Hangers 12-Nos

33. Slippers 01-Pair

34. Towel (Medium) White 02-Pairs

35. Blankets 02-Nos

36. Toilet Soap with case, Tooth paste, Tooth Brush 01-No Each

37. Hair Cream/Oil, Comb etc. 01-No Each

38. Black and white shoes polish/Brushes 01-each

39. Washing Powder 02-Pkts.

40. Dictionaries (Urdu to English & English to Urdu) (Urdu Feroz-ul-Lugath) 01-Each.

41. Trunk (Steel) Black Colour with the name written on in 01-No.

42. Bed Foam (78” x 36” x 4”) 01-No

43. Pillow (Polyester) 01-No

44. Brown Bed Spread (60” x 96”) with Table Cloth (36” x 48”) 01-No

45. White Bed Sheet with Pillow Cover 02-Sets

46. Track Suit (Maroon) 01-No

47. Sweater (SL) 03-Nos

48. Sweater (HN) 03-Nos

49. White Shirts (Walking out) 03-Nos

50. Trousers (Tropical) 03-Nos

51. Satchel 01-No

Note:- The Cadets/Parents can purchase the above mentioned items from any dealer in the open market

conditioned with the requirements of the College.

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