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Thursday, 09 April 2020


Cadets have to be in the prescribed dress while they are in the college.

Dress Details:


Uniform Dress

Khaki Trouser, Khaki Shirt, Uniform Belt, Black Oxford Shoes Ankle (DMS Pattern) with Black Socks, Maroon Beret, House Color Epaulettes, Lanyard, Arm Badges, Name Tally, Jersey.

Same as Winter without Jersey.

Walking out Dress

White Shirt (Full Sleeves), Gray Trouser, College Maroon Tie, Black Dress Belt, Black shoes with Black Socks, Jersey/ College Blazer.

Same as Winter without Jersey/ College Blazer.

Game & P.T. Dress

House Color Vest/ T. Shirt, College Track Suit, White Joggers with White Socks. 

Same as Winter without Track suit upper

Prayer Dress 

White Color Shalwar, Qameez / Kurta, Capt & Oxford Shoes / Peshawari Chappal/ Chawit, Jersey / Jacket / Blazer.

Same as Winter but without Jersey / Jacket / Blazer